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Tag Name Tracker

Note: starting with ReSharper 7.1, tag name tracking is built-in so this feature has been removed from GammaXaml 2.1.0. See this post on JetBrains .NET blog for more information.

In HTML files, when you change an opening or closing tag name, ReSharper automatically updates the matching tag. For example, changing <div> to <p> will change the matching </div> to </p> automatically.

GammaXaml adds the exact same feature for all XML based files handled by ReSharper: XML, XAML, MSBuild and NAnt scripts, Resx files and Web.config files.

Known limitation for the time being: selecting an item in the auto-completion list while a matching tag is renamed only completes one tag.

This feature correspond to RSRP-287674

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