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XAML auto-completion

Note: starting with ReSharper 7.1, XAML auto-completion is built-in so this feature has been removed from GammaXaml 2.1.0. See this post on JetBrains .NET blog for more information.

ReSharper 6 provides basic completion (Ctrl+Space), type completion (Ctrl+Alt+Space) and smart completion (Ctrl+Shift+Space) in XAML files. However, it doesn't provide any auto-completion while simply typing, contrary to what is done for C# or JavaScript.

GammaXaml takes JetBrains's ReSharper built-in XAML basic completion and exposes it as auto-completion, with a few tweaks. This includes standard XAML element and attribute completion, markup extension completion, binding path completion if the design data context is specified, and resource completion.

Like every other language auto-completion since R# 6.1, this feature can be turned off in ReSharper options to use Visual Studio IntelliSense instead. Auto-completion selection behavior ("display and preselect" or "display but do not preselect") can also be configured.

Note that this feature is currently experimental since it reuses existing completion.


You might want to read this blog post to learn how to completely replace Visual Studio Intellisense for XAML files, and improve editing smoothness.

This feature correspond to RSRP-273287

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