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Grid Helper

Grid definitions context actions

GammaXaml adds several context actions to add and remove RowDefinitions and ColumnDefinitions to a WPF or Silverlight Grid. Existing grid attributes (Row, Column, RowSpan and ColumnSpan) on the children of the grid are automatically updated to accommodate the new definitions.


Out of range Grid values

GammaXaml warns you when your Grid.Row/Column/RowSpan/ColumnSpan attributes are outside the bounds of the row or column definitions and offer to fix them.


This feature correspond to RSRP-275691

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Staeff Apr 29, 2013 at 9:16 AM 
This is not working for me (VS 2012 Resharper 7.1), I just go to a row definition and press Alt+Enter, but I don't see this options. How can I activate it?