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Dependency Property Generation

ReSharper allows you to use its Generate feature to provide property wrappers around existing fields. GammaXaml extends this functionality for dependency property fields.


To use this feature, simply invoke the Generate menu (Alt+Ins) and select Properties or Read-only properties, depending of what you desire. Ensure that the Group by type button in the toolbar is checked, and you should see new groups depending on the available fields: Dependency properties and Attached dependency properties. The rest is the same as the standard R# feature: check the fields you want accessors to be generated for, configure the various options to your needs and click Finish.



  • This feature is currently only available in C# files, not Visual Basic files.
  • Only dependency property fields that don't already have accessors and whose type can be determined will be present in the window.

This feature correspond to RSRP-56593

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