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Caliburn.Micro Basic Support (new in v2.0.0)


Caliburn.Micro is a popular convention-based MVVM framework for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT. Amongst other nice features, it allows named XAML fields to be automatically bound to a property or method with the same name in the view model. However, ReSharper can't know this and marks both the view field and the view model member as unused.

GammaXaml adds support to ReSharper 7 for those cases. A XAML field bound by Caliburn.Micro is specially marked with a clickable icon in the gutter. The data context calculated by ReSharper is reused to determine the view model type, so the only thing you have to do is to specify a design data context in your view (you should already do this to enable ReSharper IntelliSense in bindings).

XAML field implicitly bound to a property:


XAML field implicitly bound to a method.


Like every other reference, you can use ReSharper features such as Find Usages on the bound member. Note that Caliburn.Micro guard members (eg. CanSave for a field named Save) are also supported.



By default, Caliburn.Micro support is enabled for a project as soon as there is an assembly reference named "Caliburn.Micro". However, maybe you completely disabled default conventions and would like to turn the support off since it has no more meaning. On the contrary, maybe you forked Caliburn.Micro into your own project and still want support from GammaXaml. This is configurable in the project properties (note: only in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012).



The support for automatic conventions is currently basic. Implicit parameters (a field named like a method parameter) and manual triggers are still flagged as unused. Support for them is coming next.

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