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A plugin for JetBrains ReSharper 7.0 that enhances XAML editing and working with WPF and Silverlight in general.

Note: there probably won't be a GammaXaml plugin for ReSharper 8, since most of the stuff is already built-in: Remove Attribute, Grid Helper, Redundant Setters and DP renaming all have been implemented by JetBrains. All that's left is Caliburn.Micro basic support, which might get its own plugin. Oh, if you're editing T4 (.tt) files, be sure to check out my other plugin, ForTea.


Caliburn.Micro Support

  • Caliburn.Micro Basic Support - New in v2.0.0 for ReSharper 7.0 - See implicit usages made by Caliburn.Micro of your view model members, at design time

XML (includes XAML, MSBuild, Resx, Web.config)


  • IntelliSense - Obsolete in v2.1.0 for ReSharper 7.1
  • Grid Helper - Helps you with writing and correcting your WPF/Silverlight Grid.
  • Redundancy - Warns you about redundant XAML setters
  • Errors - Detects some runtime errors at compile time
  • Refactorings - Converts TemplateBinding to Binding and RelativeSource to x:Static
  • Context Actions Options - Obsolete in v2.1.0 for ReSharper 7.1



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